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Posted on February 29th, 2020 by Sam Raby
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Welcome to the first of our mini-series 60 Second Scouting. In this episode, our beavers show you how to make a simple bird feeder that you can hang in your garden.

You will need:
– Bird Seed
– Lard
– Paper Cup
– String
– Mixing Bowl
– Gloves
– Pencil
1) Use the pencil to pop a hole in the bottom of the paper cup.
2) Tie a big knot in one end of a length of string.
3) Feed the knot through the hole so the knot is inside the cup.
4) Mix equal parts of lard and birdseed together in a bowl
5) Pack the Lard & Birdseed mix into your cup (wear gloves to avoid getting it on your hands!)
6) Leave your feeder somewhere cool to go solid.
7) Hang the feeder in your garden and watch the birds arrive! Let us know in the comments which birds you see.

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