Frequent Q's and A's

Frequently asked questions


Do you have more info about volunteering?


  • In order to maintain good operational levels, we do require additional volunteers to help with weekly duties at the Scout hall and some routine administration tasks
  • We will advertise open opportunities on our website in the volunteer area
  • Many hands, make light work

What can you expect?

  • We are keen to ensure that you, as a volunteer, take a gradual and consistent approach as you join our organisation.
  • We are eager to hear your ideas and will attempt to integrate them into our annual program of activities.
  • We meet online periodically to plan and prepare for the weekly sessions
  • Access to our Microsoft 365 Platform

What do we need from you?

  • We’re all humans, we will arrange a time to have a chat or a visit at the Scout Hall in Wood Street
  • Have a think about and realistically communicate to us, what you are able to commit to. Think about periods in the year where your commitments may change.
  • First things first; we need to have you DBS checked (re-checks are performed as per Scouts policy) – this is something we can manage however it will require some paperwork to be completed by yourself


Where do the badges go?




How much does it cost?

We aim to make the financial aspect as low as possible to ensure we’re open to the whole Waltham Forest community

Each section decides their costs; we as a group have some basic costs to cover which are incorporated

An example for 2024;

  • Subscription payments are £12 per month (for 12 months) via GoCardless
  • An activity run (example Tuff Mudder) cost £6.50

What do I get?

  • Badges awarded are paid for by the group
  • Dependant on the programme of activities; we may cover certain aspects of events to help reduce the burden on parents

What else do I need to think of regarding money?

  • In most cases; if an activity requires meeting at a location other than the Scout Hall – you will need to arrange transport
  • You will need to buy a jumper from our shop (link at the top of the website)
  • We will run events which require financial contributions from the parents. We will ask if you want to attend, to gauge interest – and once we have a good idea of the numbers we will work out the cost and put out a request for payment.
  • If we have an away-day type of activity; a small amount of pocket money may be useful for your child

Where do I sign my kid up?

Things to bear in-mind prior to signing-up

  • We have a very large waiting list 300+
  • We leverage a volunteer within the group to help manage it
  • We chase people periodically to ensure they are still in the borough and still interested in a place – failure to respond to our queries, will result in your child being taken off the list
  • In some circumstances we are able to fast-track your child in return for a parent volunteering with the group

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Hall Hire

What types of events can hire the hall?

Get in contact if you have something which is not included here


  • Kids parties
  • Community based events
  • Training events

Not Accepted

  • Unfortunately; we no longer accept applications for hire for evening parties