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14th Walthamstow – World Tour 2020

Posted on June 11th, 2020 by Sam Raby

We’ve set out 15 questions for you to find the answers to, the questions are attached to this email. If you are having trouble viewing them, you can view them here:

You will need to use What3Words & Google Street View to find the answers.

Once you’ve found your answers you will need to submit them to us here:

100 points will be awarded for each correct answer

50 points will be awarded for a half right answer

all points will go towards your Kahoot score.

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Science Night + Cubs = No sleep for leaders!

Posted on April 14th, 2018 by admin

Friday the 13th….. unlucky for some, but not for our cubs! Friday evening we took 19 of our cubs on the trains, bang smack in the middle of rush hour. Venturing our way to South Kensington for our first ever sleep over at the Science Museum.

After checking in at about 6:45 we were taken through to the “Who Am i?” secion of the museum where we setup camp!

Once setup we headed off to play “Elementary Bingo” where we learnt loads about different elements! we even got to blow up a squib special effects cartridge! After that we headed downstairs to have a late snack!

After a quick snack, and a coffee to keep the leaders up! We went off to watch “The Super Cool Show” where we learnt the different that hot and cold can have on objects by placing them in boiling water and liquid nitrogen. I think its safe to say that a Plasticine man dipped in liquid nitrogen vs one of our cubs with a hammer, was never going to end well!

We then headed deeper into the basement of the museum where we Got to screen print our own t-shirts and bags!

After hanging our t-shirts and bags up to dry we went on to do some more experiments. We set fire to a soaking wet £20 note and with the help of a candle on a really long stick, we blew up a hydrogen balloon…. it was unbelievably loud! so after a night of experiments and explosions, we headed back upstairs to be!

The Science museum is fairly well lit……. during the day……. but when the lights go out……

6:45am! on a saturday?!…. yep and our cubs were up and re…. well they were up! time to refuel.

All fueled up and ready to continue the morning we headed to the top of the museum to enter the “Wonderlab” a huge interactive room filled with over 50 different experiments that you can try out.


Flying paper planes , High speed photography of water droplets, building our own bridges!


A giant tesla coil, Lighting indoors! Exploring the colour specturm, and the mysteries behind a spinning rope!

After a jam packed morning in the wonder lab, we headed to the IMAX to finish it all off with a 3D film about the world that we cant see. Even Mowgli got in on the film!


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Beavers practicing to break Enigma… and next weeks plans!

Posted on January 23rd, 2018 by admin

Last week started a return to Badge work and fun. We tried to de-code a Morse code message with some interesting results. Some of the Beavers were amazing, but in the end I think they all managed to de-code our message. They were all asked to write their names in Morse code for this week. Let’s see how that goes, and this week we will be decorating biscuits with the Scottish flag to celebrate Burns Night, and talking about Robby Burns we were thinking about giving the Beavers some Haggis but I think we will give that a miss.

Can you work out who left this message? Click here for “Morse” Info

– . – . / . . . . / . – . / . . / . . .

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