Do you have more info about volunteering?


  • In order to maintain good operational levels, we do require additional volunteers to help with weekly duties at the Scout hall and some routine administration tasks
  • We will advertise open opportunities on our website in the volunteer area
  • Many hands, make light work

What can you expect?

  • We are keen to ensure that you, as a volunteer, take a gradual and consistent approach as you join our organisation.
  • We are eager to hear your ideas and will attempt to integrate them into our annual program of activities.
  • We meet online periodically to plan and prepare for the weekly sessions
  • Access to our Microsoft 365 Platform

What do we need from you?

  • We’re all humans, we will arrange a time to have a chat or a visit at the Scout Hall in Wood Street
  • Have a think about and realistically communicate to us, what you are able to commit to. Think about periods in the year where your commitments may change.
  • First things first; we need to have you DBS checked (re-checks are performed as per Scouts policy) – this is something we can manage however it will require some paperwork to be completed by yourself